The right things to do for tenants when renting a property.

Often we heard of unfavourable cases of tenants and their landlords. Some of them are cases of getting scammed, some were treated badly by their tenants and so many other cases which involved tenants ended up had no right to speak up.

As a future tenant, one should be prepared of the unexpected matters because it is possible that everyone can get scammed by or involved in an issue with the landlord. This is typically due to the power that the landlord holds as the owner of the property. Even so, being a tenant does not make you powerless and imbecile if you know the ways it works. In unfortunate cases, there are landlords who knows exactly where to ‘hit’ you and will result in you being at guilt; by law or not. There might be reasons for them to do so, either due to some personal issues with the tenants, or past experience, or maybe due to their attitude. Whatever the reason is, we do not know but we sure know how to help you avoid stepping in the trap, at the very beginning.

First thing first, always and always get a stamped copy of your tenancy agreement. Never accept a non-stamped copy of it because the only thing that will make the agreement valid is the stamp. So, always check your copy of tenancy agreement. If you have the non-stamped one, ask for a stamped one, by hook or by crook. Once you have the tenancy agreement, do a thorough reading of it. Read it and be crystal clear of it, line by line. If there are things you are unsure of, do not hesitate to ask the landlord or if the landlord refuse to clarify, ask for a professional to make it clear for both parties. Also, check the name of the property’s owner and make sure that it is parallel with the name of your landlord. It might sound petty but it is very important.

Before signing your tenancy agreement, check and inspect every corner of the property that you will rent. Ensure that the property is in a livable condition.Do not easily get swayed by the landlord’s sweet talks when they say they will get it fixed or whatnot. Get it fixed first, the signature comes after. It is important because you may be opened to be blamed for any damage in future.

During your renting period, always pay your rental fee on time. Never pay the rental fee overdue for a good record to your landlord.

Give a good impression to your landlord and you’ll surely be in a good term with your landlord.

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