The Ideal Attributes of A Great Tenant For Your Great Property

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Everyone wants to fill up their vacant rental property as early as they can because that’s investment, of course you want the return as soon as you can! Everyone wants a good tenant to fill up their vacant property. Set in mind which one is more important to you, either to quickly fill in the vacancy of to have a good and responsible tenant for your property.

However, it should not be done in a rush. You cannot simply rent out your property to someone who is irresponsible. It is important to always keep in mind that you want the best and a responsible tenant for your rental property. Your rental property is your investment so do not make it a loss for you by giving it to irresponsible tenants.

Here are some ideal criteria that you can refer to when looking for a future tenant. Do a checklist with these criteria before selecting your tenant. Ensure that your tenant…

  • Has a strong financial stability

Make this the most important criteria when deciding your tenant. Because…you need a tenant who pays on time! Get payment slips if possible or any other document that can prove your future tenant’s financial stability. 

  • Has a positive appearance and attitude

First impression matters. Judge your future tenant during the first property viewing. True that don’t judge a book by its cover, but sometimes its cover tells a lot of things. 

  • Has a positive rental history

A strong rental history gives you a lot of insights on how he/she will behave when renting in your property. Get to know whether they have a bad history or not at the previous rental place such as hosting a loud party, vandalizing previous rental property and other things you are concerned about. 

  • Has a positive reference

If your future tenant is someone recommended by your family members or friends, high chance that your future tenant is a good one because normally recommended tenants are a bit careful and responsible. This is because they have a name to take care of which is the person who recommended them. 

However, not saying that if your future tenant fulfilled all these criteria, there is no possibility that he or she will not cause any problem in future. These criteria are guidelines for you to avoid an irresponsible tenant in the best way that you could. But still, things can happen. 

But, prevention is better than cure. 

All the best in finding the best one!

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