You MUST Invest a Property at a Bubble Tea Hotspot. Let Us Tell You Why

You MUST Invest a Property at a Bubble Tea Hotspot. Let Us Tell You Why

by Amanda | 20th August 2019 |

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Boba milk tea has become viral in Malaysia since 2018. It is no surprise to see rows of long queues in every bubble tea kiosk from universities, shopping malls and the streets. According to Bubble Tea Malaysia, there are approximately 83 bubble tea brands found across Malaysia. That’s really crazy! So…what’s so special about bubble tea? Bubble tea, a.k.a Boba Tea, is a milktea beverage originated from Taiwan. It consists of tea with milk, sugar, topped with chewy tapioca balls. That sounds simple for a beverage; the secret behind this rising trend is because of viral posting via social media.

Thanks to social media, bubble tea is at the peak of popularity

Features of a Profitable Rental Property

So you’ve known about bubble tea, let’s talk about the second element: rental property. 

It is essential for every beginner landlord to bear in mind that he or she should be careful in selecting the right property for investment. Andrew Beattie, writer of Investopedia, indicated that a profitable property has these 10 features:

  1. Good neighbourhood
  2. Property taxes 
  3. Good quality schools 
  4. Little or less criminal activity
  5. Wider job markets
  6. Future development of the area  
  7. Nearby amenities 
  8. Number of listings and vacancies 
  9. Average rents
  10. Less natural disasters 

How Bubble Tea Hotspots and Rental Property Come Together?

Here comes the question: How does bubble milk tea related to rental property? These two elements don’t seem to complement each other. Technically, they do! The area where bubble tea has the highest selling point could lead to a higher possibility of your property being rented. Think about it, bubble tea become popular because of these three factors: 

Bubble tea brands are differentiated by their own specialTEA – Gong Cha famous for its winter melon bubble tea, fruit tea for Yi Fang, brown sugar brown milk tea for Xing Fu Tang… you name it! 


Customer LoyalTEA attracts returning customers – Collecting stamps to get a free bubble tea? It’s a total “YASS” to all returning customers. 


Strong POS system – A long queue does not mean you would wait for an hour to get a drink. Bubble tea brands follow strong POS system allowing their kiosks to input their sales quickly, automatically order more supplies when the stocks are low, and many more.  


With these factors it is no surprise that bubble tea is popular among the Malaysian society. If you match the features I mentioned above regarding rental property to the ones I stated here, you can see a pattern as you compare: bubble tea hotspots allows your property to attract potential tenants. Investing a property located in bubble tea hotspot makes your property to meet these features:


  1. Schools and universities: students would stop by and have a sip of bubble tea during breaks or after study.
  2. Amenities: a wider range of shops and eateries. Bubble tea is part of the eatery menu for the residents.
  3. Job markets: bubble tea hotspots have wider job markets, open for vacancies. 
  4. Future development: with the rising popularity of bubble tea, what are the upcoming developments? Is the population growing?
  5. Adequate transport facilities: bubble tea kiosks would be located close to public transports such as LRT, MRT stations, bus stops or Grab.

Where to Find a Perfect ProperTEA?

When there’s bubble tea, there’s a way. We have compiled you a list of bubble tea hotspots for you to hunt for your very first rental properTEA.

Boba Milk Tea - SS15 Subang Jaya


In total of 14 stores, this commercial hub is already famous for its various variety of eateries. It has become a day and night routine for youngsters to purchase their well-loved bubble teas. Developed in Sime Darby Property Sdn Bhd, SS15 is arguably dubbed as ‘bubble tea street’ by youngsters and netizens. You could never miss lines of queues during when you stuck in heavy traffic congestion along the streets of SS15.

Boba Milk Tea - Cheras Traders Square

Cheras Traders Square

To all Cheras residents, you don’t need to drive all the way to SS15 to buy your bubble tea. Despite being a newly developed area, Cheras Traders Square comes in second among our bubble tea streets with a total of 13 stores. Developed by SCP Group, this commercial hub consists of 196 leasehold double-storey shopoffice units, located in Batu 9, Cheras Selatan. Bluebrickz quotes: “Before the bubble tea occupied the area, many F&B outlets have already set up shop in the center. Traffic has boosted in just a few months since the bubble tea street came in. During the night, it is impossible for you to find a parking spot unless you come early in the morning.

According to Senior negotiator of Yit Seng Realty, Ivan Teh claims that there is a 5% – 10% increase in rental.” 

Boba Milk Tea - Bandar Baru Sri Petaling

Bandar Baru Sri Petaling or Sri Petaling for short, is a mature township established in 1977. With various F&B offerings and beauty salons, this township is also a hotspot of 7 bubble tea stores. It is also accessible to major highways such asKL-Seremban Highway, KESAS, NPE, and MRR2. The bubble tea trend may be bringing liveliness to Sri Petaling, there are some inconveniences. Long queues would block neighbouring store fronts and bubble customers would double or triple park their vehicles creating traffic congestion. Meanwhile, Edgeprop mentioned that the monthly shop rental rate has spiked up to RM1900 (1650 sq ft) at Jalan Radin Tengah and RM12000 (1920 sq ft) at Jalan Radin Bagus in June.

Would there be and end to the bubble tea trend? Who knows in the near future. More importantly, it’s up to you to decide if you would take a chance on investing a property of a bubble tea hotspot. Better strike it while it’s hot!      

Note: All photos by Google

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