7 Best Home Decor Plants in Malaysia

by Amanda | 12th September 2019 |

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Most Chinese families believe in Feng Shui. Karen Frazier, a Feng Shui teacher stated that plants contribute positive energy by balancing water element and counteracting negative energy. Overall, indoor plants are the most beneficial home decor as they not only purify the air, boosting your mental well-being and relieving stress. In the Malaysian society, many landlords would not spend a dime on decorating their property as they assume it requires heavy investment. If you think about it, placing a single pot of plant in your property would create a huge difference in your business. You don’t need to be a green thumb to plant something. Some indoor plants are easy to maintain. For starters, we picked the top 7 indoor plants which suit the 3 main elements needed for a Malaysian rental property: durable, adaptable and timeless.


Pothos Ivy


One of the most popular indoor plants in every Malaysian home, pothos ivy (a.k.a. devil’s ivy) is easy to plant in either soil or water. It trailing vines works well with hangover baskets, making them the best choice for suspension from tall ceilings. Moreover, it has air-purifying quality that can absorb toxins in the house. How cool is that? 

Snake Plant


Snake plants have the nickname of mother-in-law’s tongue. Its strong survival quality allows itself to be neglected for weeks, at the same time its strappy leaves give a cheerful mood for interior decoration. There are many benefits of planting this lovely potter. One includes their ability to convert poisonous substances such as formaldehyde and benzene into oxygen. Who needs an air purifier machine when you have a natural air purifier?



Dumb Cane does sound oddly insulting for an indoor plant. Home owners love to plant it as it grows easily under low light conditions, giving the natural look wherever it is placed. Same as snake plants, dieffenbachias can take some neglect and poor treatment. There’s a catch: they are poisonous. Be sure to keep out of the reach of children.

Spider Plant

Spider Plant

Spider plants are adaptable to any form of deco. They are natural air purifiers in the house. They’re easy to maintain – place them near the windows, not direct sunlight. It is not necessary to buy another spider plant when you can propagate little ‘spiderettes’.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

A healer, a timeless deco and a natural air purifier. Aloe vera is a brilliant indoor plant to be kept for medical purposes as its juice has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. You can also use it to create DIY face masks!   



A furious adapter in the house, philodendron can withstand days without water. It is a on-trend choice for every household. Like all houseplants, it has air correcting properties, a whiff of fresh air is enough to heal yourself after a long-day of stress.

Rubber Tree


“Plant parents” don’t have to catch up with their watering schedules. Rubber tree is one of the examples. Same as snake plant and dieffenbachia, it is drought-tolerant and easy to maintain. Besides that, it improves air quality by converting air toxins into oxygen. It also kill of bacteria and molds while they are airborne. 

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