How to properly manage your short-term rental property in Malaysia?

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Renting out property has been the most chosen way of property investment. Some landlords prefer to rent out for a short-term basis and some others prefer a long-term basis. This preference truly depends on the landlord and how the landlords manage the rental property. If you are a landlord, this is the time to know how can you properly manage your rental property.

Airbnb is widely known for its short-term rental service. Apparently, a lot of homeowners nowadays prefer to rent out their property in this way. It is undeniably a convincing source of income and in a easier way because you have a platform to create the transaction.

One of the most important things that you should do to properly manage your short-term rental property in Malaysia is to create a good listing.

In order to properly manage your rental property, you should start with a good listing. It is important to list out your rental property nicely and attractively in order to grab your target market’s attention and to secure tenancy. Do not simply list out your rental property on any website or any advertising platform that you use.

Homyplace property

Indeed, first impression matters and your potential renters’ first impression on your rental property starts with the photos you published. Score a big point by publishing photos of the highlighted areas and facilities such as a nicely decorated bedroom, a hall with an astonishing view. Also, include your updated contact information to make it easy for potential guests to give you a call. Remember, the less hassle you give, the more chance you can get to fill in your rental property.

To manage your short-term rental property in Malaysia properly, you need to have a good communication skill. A good communication skill is not defined by how talkative you are but rather how well you can understand your guests’ needs. It is important to answer all of the questions given by your potential guests in a timely and proper manner. Fast responses will help your guests to keep their interest in your property.

Even for a short-term renting period, you still need to make a clear cut of the rules and regulations in your property in order to properly manage your short-term rental property in Malaysia. This will prevent your property to be misused by the guests and to prevent any unwanted issues. Some of the dos and don’ts that can be laid down to your guests are in terms of permission to smoke, privacy matters, facilities handle and care and etc.

Maintaining and inspecting your rental property regularly is also one of the ways to properly manage your short-term rental property in Malaysia. Nobody wants to stay at a poorly-maintained place even for a short while and what’s more when the price to pay is not worth the place at all. Maintain a good reputation as a homeowner by maintaining the proper condition of your rental property.

Many would have ended everything once the key is passed back to the homeowner. However, post-service is vital for your reputation thus, try to get a positive review and feedback from your guests by giving the best service you can as the homeowner. That is one of the simple ways to properly manage your short-term rental property that is often overlooked by homeowners. If you have given your best to your guests, it is not a big deal to get a positive review from them. Remember, if you score more positive reviews, the more valuable your property would be.

Homyplace property

All in all, a good homeowner or landlord is the one that properly manages the rental property. A properly-managed property is surely has a lot more value than the one which is not. Be a wise homeowner and manage your rental property properly.

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