Detect a potential property scammer with these four tips

Scams are not a new thing, what’s more in today’s world with the technology used in almost every second in our life. Scammers may seem like those normal and kind people we meet every day but they have a bad intention targeted on us. Scammers are usually brilliant people because they are always one step ahead of us, hence, the tricked people. However, they may think they are ahead of us but if we are careful and clever enough to detect them, it is possible to avoid them and give them not a single chance to scam us.

In the property business, scammers are nothing new. Scammers exist in all aspects of the business starting from the developers, agents, landlords, and even tenants. It is hard to distinguish them but we can at least be very careful by taking a proper way of dealing in property business. However, here are fours ways that can help you detect a potential property scammer.

  1. Ridiculous offers!

Two different houses in the same location but with two different prices which one unit is 50%

CHEAPER than the other one! You would definitely go for the cheaper one right?!

But, does it make sense? OF COURSE NOT!

Scammers know that we can easily get tricked with cheap offers, so they come up with countless discounts, ridiculously cheap prices, free gifts, and whatnot. But, we need to be the wiser ones and check the market price. If the price offered is way too cheap or illogical, then be very mindful of a potential scammer.

Also, typically when you ask them why the price is so cheap, they’ll give you 101 illogical reasons or they won’t answer.

2. Hide-and-seek game.

Your ‘potential landlord’ is playing hide-and-seek with you? It could be a sign that your ‘potential landlord’ is your ‘potential nightmare’.

If you have re-set countless viewing appointments with your potential landlord and still hasn’t got the chance to view the property, just leave it and go for other option.

A true landlord owner may be busy with other matters but business always comes first. True that emergency can’t be predicted but if the ‘landlord’ has canceled the appointment for more than 3 times, it must be something fishy.

3. The booking fee.

“Pay the RM 300 booking fee ASAP and we can set a viewing time for next week.”

Sounds familiar huh? Well, if it is a ‘hot’ area that you want to rent, then maybe it is acceptable. But, RM 300 for the booking fee and even BEFORE the viewing? You better find someone else!

4. Background check.


Check the name, profile photo, and whatever that can be checked! It is not a small thing to spend your money on!

If anything seems fishy, then just leave it.

Remember, there are numbers of property available for rent and for sale in this world. You won’t go homeless if you don’t get the ‘fishy’ one. Do not rush in deciding your potential property either for you to rent or to buy.

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