Common Issues Faced by Tenants that Every Landlord Should Know!

Being a landlord is not an easy task. But, being a tenant IS NOT easy either! There are a lot of cases about tenants caused troubles to landlord BUT…landlord too!

Landlord from Hell? Are you one?

Landlords, as much as you want to trust your tenant with all of your heart and want the best from them, it is the same with your tenant! They also want the best from you and want to trust you as much as they could because after all you are the owner of the place that they are living in.

So, are you aware of the common issues faced by most tenants? Probably your tenant too!

Most tenants have issues with their landlord; petty or major ones, but some of them decided to just keep shut and as the time comes, they’ll leave. Some even leave earlier that the agreed period, well that is probably because they cannot hold it any longer. Some of these issues might seem petty to you but not to them. So, be aware of these issues and take care of your tenant just like how want them to be good to you.

One of the issues is delayed replies or responses from landlord. Yes, it is totally understood that some landlords are very busy with their work and life but your tenant is your responsibility as well. Slow replies frustrate your tenant. Imagine, when asking for monthly rent and your tenant leave you on blue tick for days. How would you feel???? Frustrated, right? Your tenant needs your fast response. Normally, tenants will not disturb you unless when it is important for instance when it comes to getting leaking pipe repaired, or when they have issues with other housemates or other important issues. Be considerate to them by replying to their urgent inquiries as soon as possible. They are not simply your tenants but they are your clients. Remember that.

Communication is the key in every relationship. That applies to your relationship with your tenant as well. One golden tip is DO NOT MAKE YOUR TENANT FEELS YOU ARE UNREACHABLE OR UNEASY TO TALK WITH. That is important if you want a long-term tenant which will save you from any turnover risk. Going back to the first point, it is important to maintain fast replies or responses with your tenant so that your tenant knows how reliable you are. Be that landlord who puts extra effort for their tenants by asking how things are in the house once in a month. Don’t be that landlord who only shows up to collect rent.

House environment issues are also among the issues that make your tenant wants to leave as soon as possible. Issues like a problematic housemate, nosy neighbour, cleanliness and whatnot. As a landlord, you should play your role as the intermediary to try to solve problems that your tenant is facing. Be fair when being an intermediary to show your credibility as a landlord.

Being a landlord sure takes a lot of effort in order to provide the best for your tenants. You should always try to give the best for them if you also want the best from them. It is a give-and-take between you and your tenant. So, if you want your tenant from heaven, be the landlord from heaven as well!

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